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What She Does’enumerates the responsibilities and glorious role of ‘The Delightful King’s Daughter’ in influencing her family, church, community, and the nations for Christ and His Kingdom. This book reveals that God embedded Godly women with all the characteristics of the Holy Spirit to be blessings to their families and the world.

‘What She Does’title was inspired by the Holy Spirit and the more reason I am very confident this book in your hand will help you in influencing your world for Christ. Keep Shinning!

Pastor Theophilus Adeniyi Adesina (Provincial Pastor, RCCG U.K.) writes in the foreword; “This book is not only for women or females but also for fathers of females, to be able to guide and direct their female to know their roles. It is a must for everyone, so I recommend this book to all”.

About the Author

Mrs Olusola Taiwo Ayodele is An Ordained Assistant Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, House of Mercy London, United Kingdom.

She graduated from The Latter Rain Bible College, Lagos, Nigeria in 1993. Whilst there, Olusola received a call into the ministry in a revelation and ministering in a crusade to both white and black people, Jesus Christ then appeared to her in His glory with shining and blind-folding lights. Jesus Christ walked towards Olusola, nodded in affirmation, and smiled at her. Jesus Christ then led Olusola towards several packed Trucks, loaded with beautifully wrapped gifts, and said, “these rewards are for you as you win souls into my Kingdom”.

The above revelation and call into ministry by Jesus Christ have been the driving force for Olusola’s passion and dedication for the work of the Kingdom of God.

Olusola studied Christian Ministry at Christ The Redeemer College, London, United Kingdom. Olusola is an Evangelist and Teacher within the confines of the five-fold ministry. She is the author of Delight Daily Devotional (The 3Ds) here at www.delightministry.org

Olusola ministers the Word of God in her local church, at Christian conferences and seminars. She has a passion for lost souls, discipleship, leadership, and growth. She is a blessing to everyone she relates with.

Olusola is a Registered Nurse by profession. She also holds a BSc (Hons) in Health Sciences from The University of Greenwich, London in 2007. She currently works as an Advanced Practitioner in an NHS Trust in London, United Kingdom.

Olusola Taiwo Ayodele is married to Lemmy Gbenga Ayodele, The Pastor-in-charge of RCCG House of Mercy London. They are blessed with three Mighty Seeds of the Righteous: Omowunmi, Ayodeji, and Ayodotun.

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